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Things to consider before calling to book your session

Take a moment to look over the sessions offered by Nelsen’s Photographic Design and choose the session that is best for you. Be aware that some of the premium sessions have minimum order requirements.

Grab a calendar and find dates (Tuesday-Saturday 10 am-6 p.m.) that you are available for your session. We do most of our senior sessions right after school is out. At Nelsen’s, we try to utilize natural light as much as possible, so if it is dark, we cannot work outside.

Call Nelsen’s Photographic Design @ 360 698-1648 to schedule and have a credit card ready to confirm your session reservation. No session can be scheduled over the phone without a credit card, Cash and checks can be used in person at the studio only. Space is limited.

Once you are officially on the calendar, we will mail you a very detailed brochure that will confirm your appointment, help you plan for your portrait; what to wear, what to bring etc. We’ve thought of all the details, so you don’t have to. We have also provided driving directions to our studio on this brochure as well as on the website.


Ordering Session Appointment

Within one week after your portrait session, you will return to Nelsen’s to view your images. Nelsen’s does not use paper proofs that leave the studio. All portrait purchasing is done in slideshow format on a large screen with the assistance of our staff. This will be the occasion that your order will be configured and placed, so bring everyone that is part of the decision making process to this viewing appointment.


To schedule an appointment, go back the main senior heading and scroll down to Book A Session Now and then we can talk about setting you up with a session day.