Nelsen's Photographic Design    I    High School Senior Photographers   I    Silverdale ,WA Showcasing artistic portraiture of high school seniors

Nelsen’s Photographic 2018 Senior Model – Alyssa Nuno CK ’18

“The Nelsen’s made the experience fun and very friendly.  They made me feel at home”.

-Alyssa Nuno CK ’18

Nelsen’s Photographic 2018 Senior Model – Brooke Stahl CK ’18

“It was an amazing photoshoot filled with laughter, fun and lots of memories. I couldn’t imagine working with anyone other than the Nelsens!”
-Brooke Stahl CK ’18

Nelsen’s Photographic 2018 Senior Model – Rozelle Rubio CK ’18

“The Nelsen’s really made me feel at home right when I walked through the door of the studio. It was such an enjoyable and memorable experience that I am so excited to work with them again!”
– Rozelle Rubio CK ’18

Nelsen’s Photographic 2018 Senior Model, Samantha Blocher KSS ’18

“Not only do the Nelsens create stunning images they also work to personalize your session to your style.  They make you feel at home the moment you walk into their studio.  They offer many words of encouragement.  They handle the posing throughout the session which makes it easy to get great portraits without being a model.  I love how amazing the images turned out!

-Samantha Blocher  KSS ’18

“I am so impressed by the high quality that Nelsen’s Photographic produces. They work so hard to personalize every shoot they do. The Nelsen’s took so much time to get to know my daughter and capture her real personality. I would highly recommend anyone with students graduating in 2018 to get in touch with Nelsen’s Photographic Design.”
– Mary Blocher (Samantha’s mother)

Thank you, Class of 2017!

Angela Lovelace (NK), 2017 Nelsen’s Photographic Design Senior Model

Tayler McKee, 2017 KSS Senior Model