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High School Seniors

Senior portraits are always evolving with time. Fortunately for the area’s seniors, Nelsen’s Photographic Design is right there with the latest trends and styles to make their senior portraits look fresh and exciting.

To Cliff and Michelle Nelsen, it’s far more important to be artists than just photographers. They are driven to create artful images that seniors will absolutely love and be proud to share with their family and friends.

All of our senior sessions include having images created in our studio as well as outdoors around our secluded, 2 ½ acres nestled in the woods just a few miles outside of Silverdale. We have many looks that we can draw from such as; a country lane, water-feature, red barn, old-weathered shack, flowers, grass, european-style set, open fields, woods and so much more. We designed and built all of this with one thing in mind; to be a place where the creative mind could soar and wonderful images could be made.

We understand that every senior has their own distinct look, personality, and style. And to that end, we are here to see that every senior has a great and memorable senior photo experience!

Michelle provides outstanding make up services for the girls in all of our sessions, at no extra charge. We know that if you look and feel great, you will photograph great too. We are here to give you confidence and direction so that your time spent with us will show in the awesome portraits that we create, together.

Nelsen’s Photographic Design takes pride in the fact that every portrait created includes improvement and retouching at no additional cost. We use the best possible tools to fully enhance the quality of our portraits and guarantee all our work.

At Nelsen’s Photographic Design, we aim to exceed your expectations.