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Portrait Session Tips
Don’t Be Late. Arrive 10 minutes before your appointment. There’s a good likelihood that there will be a appointment after you: therefore if you are late it could cut into your allotted time.

Be Prepared
A good expression on every face is the very heart of the family portrait. Organize
everything the day before so that everyone is relaxed and not stressed. Please have your clothes grouped together by outfit and on hangers.

Instant Diet Trick!
If you want to look slimmer, choose darker colors and longer sleeves.

Makeup should be slightly heavier than normal. Avoid shiny makeup and use translucent powder that knock down the shine without adding color.

Got Style!
We like to design family portraits with a coordinated color scheme. Keep this in mind when you choose your wardrobe. You can go as far as everybody matching or at least the colors should work together. Don’t create contrast in tones, colors or styles. If you want to go casual then everyone goes casual. Also, avoid mixing prints, plaids, and polka dots. Solid colors work the best. Simple styles will contribute to the timeless quality of your portrait.

Dressing Your Baby
Avoid clothing that is too big, it tends to bunch and cover the baby. For newborns to six months diaper or nude pictures are always a good choice. Be aware that many babies genuinely despise having their clothes changed. So, let’s start off with your favorite outfit in case it’s the last.

We want your baby to be the center of attention in their portrait, so we discourage busy or uncomfortable outfits. Tiny babies can’t sit, so when they lay down even the cutest clothes bunch, ride up, and distract from the portrait. You can always accessorize with hats, headbands, and ribbons and bows for the cuteness factor.

Know Baby’s Time of Day
Usually, the morning is better for your baby. One fussy pose might be cute but we don’t want an entire session of them. And don’t forget the bottle and the snacks. A full tummy can make everything better!