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  • What to consider wearing?

Express yourself!  Your outfit choices should reflect you and the things you like.  Don’t be afraid to choose fun, unique outfits! Choose different styles, colors and textures of clothing. Remember that your images can represent all seasons.  You don’t have to limit yourself to just one. Outfit variety helps make your images more interesting.  Consider more outfits than your session allows.  We will help you choose the ones that will flatter you most and photograph the best.

Try your potential outfits on.  Be critical of the way they fit.  Are you pleased with the way each looks?  If you don’t like something in the mirror at home, you won’t like it in a photograph either. When you think you have chosen the best, we recommend that you facebook message photos of them to us.  We will look at them, and plan your session with you in an online consultation.  If you prefer, we welcome you to schedule an in-person consultation here at the studio.

We recommend NOT wearing one of your photo outfits in for your appointment time, to help insure nothing happens to it on the way here.


  • Camera Colors

Solid colors tend to photograph best.  Try to avoid distracting prints, or overly bold stripes.  Black always photographs well and looks good on everybody.  White can be a good choice on an individual basis;  it can be flattering on some, but not necessarily on everyone.  When in doubt, bring in your questionable outfits and we can help you!

  • Accessories

Don’t forget to accessorize.  Hats, scarves, jewelry, boots, jackets, belts, handbags and coats make for stylish additions to your basic outfits.  Have fun with them!


  • Props

Personal props help to visually define who you are.  Some popular choices are: vehicles, sports equipment/uniforms, instruments, band uniforms, dance costumes, posters, stuffed animals, skateboards, books, collectibles, etc.  Remember to bring in all of the components that go with the interest.  For example,  if you want a football look, bring in the whole uniform, pads, shoes, everything!


  • Prepare

In the days before your session, prepare and press your clothes.

  • Nails

Hands and nails will appear in many of your images.  Make sure they look the way you want them to.


  • Makeup

You session includes having professional photographic makeup done.  We will do, and provide all the make up  for you, for a flawless make up look.  We just ask that you come in with a clean, freshly washed face.  If for some reason you are unable to remove your makeup before you come in, we will have you remove it.  We want to start with a clean slate.  Since your makeup and ours won’t blend very well, we will not do a “half-makeup job.”  Either we do it all, or not at all.  If you elect to apply your own makeup, we expect you to arrive with it already done.  Remember, a little goes a long way, so don’t overdo it.  Pay special attention to your eyes and lips as those are the first things people will see in your portraits.  Go for a matte look if possible.  Our lights can cause overly shiny, glossy or sparkley makeup to have an unflattering effect on your portraits.


  • Makeup retouching for guys?

We will cover blemishes, razor burn, sports mishaps or whatever may need covering on guys.


  • Shaving?

Unless you want the “unshaven” look, a fresh shave is a must. Any facial hair will show up on your portraits.


  • Glasses?

If you wear glasses all the time, you will want to wear them in your portraits, as well.  However, if you  intend to eventually wear contacts, you may not want to wear glasses.  Frames can go out of style very quickly, and they can date your images.  Also removing glass glare from your photographs can incur extra photo retouching charges.   We will do our best to eliminate glass glare, and reflections – sometimes it is impossible.


  • Tanning?

Spending too much time in the sun or tanning salon just before your session can result in burns or swelling.  So please limit exposure!


  • Braces?

If you wear braces they’re as much a part of you as your hairstyle or clothes.  Don’t be self-conscious about smiling!  If you don’t want your braces to show, you can either wait to have your photos done, or they can be digitally removed for $69.00 per pose.


  • Blemishes?

As part of our service, we include complimentary photo retouching on all of your finished portraits.  Our photographic makeup covers most everything, but if it doesn’t, the retouching will.  You will have a smooth, flawless, natural complexion.  Feel free to ask in advance if you have any questions/concerns regarding this.


  • Hair?

Most seniors are picky about their hair, and we prefer it that way!  Please be aware that your hair is completely your responsibility.  We are not stylists.  For obvious reasons, we do NOT recommend a new hairstyle or color before your session.  Schedule trims a week or more before your session date.


  • Miscellaneous important stuff:

Sunglasses, piercings, tattoos, are all great if that’s your “look”.  However your parents may feel differently about them, so be prepared to take some photos without them if it makes them happy!


  • Speaking of parents…

Most seniors bring a parent with them to their session.  We welcome and encourage them to sit in on the session to watch.  Their presence is not required, but if they have strong opinions about anything involving your photos, they should plan on coming to the session so that there are no misunderstandings all the way around.

You will have a large variety of looks/poses to choose from, so be willing to do a few “Mom and Dad” shots for them.  We want to make sure we have looks that both you and your parents will LOVE, even if they are different images.


  • What if it rains?

If you have scheduled your session on a day that looks like rain or is actively raining, we may have to reschedule your session to another day.  We will watch how the weather progresses.  Many times Spring/Summer showers come and go quickly – not to mention it could be raining where you are and be sunny here, or vice versa!  If the weather looks like it will be a problem, we will touch bases with you before you come in.  If you are not accessible feel free to call us an hour or so before your appointment time.  If you do not hear from us, assume your appointment is still on!


  • What time should I arrive for my session?

Arrive 5-10 minutes early.  If we are applying your makeup, it is not necessary to come in any earlier than your appointment time.  Your makeup has already been factored into your session start time.


  • Can I change my session choice after I’ve already scheduled?

Should you want to change the type of session you’ve chosen, call right away.  We will try to accommodate you, but it may be necessary to reschedule your appointment to a different date.


  • Do I need to bring money?

If you already paid your session fee over the phone to reserve your appointment time, you do not need to bring any money to your session.  But if you haven’t yet paid your session fee, then it would be due at your session.


  • Decision making and ordering are done at our studio by appointment

At the end of your session, we will schedule an appointment for you to return to view your images.  At that time, we will also take a few minutes to show you the options you have for your finished photographs. We will send you on your way with a complete packet of pricing and ordering information.

At your image viewing appointment, you will see your images in a slide show set to music on our large viewing screen.  We will then go through each photo with you, allowing you to narrow down to your very favorite images.  The viewing system allows you to see your images in various sizes,  see different effects, and compare multiple images at the same time.  It is an easy editing process.

At least one parent and anyone else involved in the buying process must be at this appointment.

Your order will be finalized at this viewing session.  Payment in full is due at this time (cash, check, debit, Visa/MC/AMEX cards accepted).  If you are unable to pay in full at this time, you may pay 50% down and the balance when the order is ready, with prior studio approval.

We typically allow an hour and a half for your viewing session.  You may require more or less time than that, and that is fine!  The created images are very good and we provide a lot of them!  We suggest you  allow yourself plenty of time for this planning session!